LoveGeist 2010: Precisely What Do Male Daters Resemble This Season?

An instant breakdown of the current female dater gave united states the average age and physical description, a listing of common preferences, and a glimpse into exactly what twenty-first century ladies look for in somebody.

Nowadays it's time for men to do the period.

Who is the typical male dater this season? Let us satisfy him!

A man of the Species

Using a comparable trial dimensions into the females (75,000 users), match determined that the normal male user:

  • is actually 25-30 yrs . old (24%).
  • Is 5'10" high (16percent).
  • Has darkish hair (31per cent) and blue eyes (40%).
  • Views their body type as average (46per cent), though more than a-quarter (29per cent) of participants stated they have been nicely toned and hottest athletic pornstars.
  • Is easygoing (43percent), but less sociable compared to the average lady (4%).
  • Is actually smart (53percent have actually a qualification, weighed against 15% of common male population regarding the UK).
  • likes travel most importantly other pursuits, followed by motion pictures, conversation, and eating out.
  • Most likely works from inside the IT industry (16per cent), is actually freelance (14%), or occupies a management character (13%).

And who is the typical people's perfect woman? Per multiple choice reactions, she's of average create (86%), has shoulder-length (93%), blonde (87per cent) hair, is easygoing (89%), and possesses a great love of life (80%).

  • It appears that Marilyn Monroe was correct when she asserted that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," though they even like dark (85percent) and light (78%) brunettes. Ebony tresses scored 79percent, followed by redheads at 59per cent.
  • Men had a definite preference for very long tresses. Shoulder-length hair came in at 93%, long hair was preferred by 90% with the trial, and very long-hair was actually favored by 65percent.
  • Slender (85percent) and sports (80%) figures happened to be thought about the essential attractive, but do not start starving yourselves, ladies – 65per cent of males liked ladies holding a couple of unwanted weight.
  • Men seem trust ladies that eyes are your many attractive function (77%). In addition at the top of the desirable faculties record are "laugh" (76percent), "a lovely base" (54%), "nice legs" (52per cent), and "a pleasant tummy button" (13per cent).
  • Just the right girl wants to dine out, and loves songs, gigs, cinema, and spending time in the pub.

since we have now met the common gents and ladies of, we are prepared proceed to more technical subjects. In the next sections of the analysis, we will check out how the people in the UNITED KINGDOM and Ireland view internet dating, romance, and really love, therefore we'll meet "another breed of reasonable enchanting, the 'Pragmatic.'"

For additional information on this popular internet dating service, look for all of our report on when it comes down to British.